Meet the Word Wizard

Founder and Curator of Writer's Haven

Welcome!  I'm so glad you're here!  I'm Mary Moss, aka The Word Wizard, a master of the written word. Step into my enchanting world, Writer's Haven. With my pen as my magic wand and my imagination as my cauldron, I weave tales that transport readers to worlds beyond their wildest dreams, and help you do the same!

My customized coaching program, Winning with Writing, is like a spell book for aspiring authors, teaching them the art of crafting spellbinding stories that will leave readers spellbound.

Join me on this extraordinary journey and watch as the power of your words captures hearts and

ignites imaginations.


  • You have always wanted to write a book but need someone to walk beside you through the process.

  • You feel you have a story to tell, but just don't even know how to get started

  • You are an entrepreneur who wants to let the world know the story of your business

  • You have lots of great ideas but need a strategy.

Words matter!  If you, like me, love the magic and power of words, you're in the right place!

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This unique platform offers a safe space to meet with like-minded people who are seeking deeper connections as they pursue their creative passions. Members get access to meaningful resources. 

The community provides an opportunity to network with potential mentors or collaborators. You'll also benefit from the motivation of the collective energy of other creatives working towards their goals. 

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Writer's Haven is the Facebook group for the Writer's Haven Community I'm building on-line on a creative and innovative platform! Can you imagine an entire world created and managed for and about writers and those connected to them?

How Can I Help You Acheive Your Writing Goals?

  • $400
  • 4 payments of $110

1-on-1 Coaching - Coffee Level

    The result? You’ll reach your goals, become a better writer, learn how to organize your writing and gain confidence.

    • $1,000
    • 4 payments of $300

    1-on-1 Coaching - Coffee and Cream

      The result? You’ll reach your goals, become a better writer, and have the tools to produce polished work, gain confidence and receive tips for continued success.

      • $1,400
      • 4 payments of $425

      1-on-1 Coaching - Latte Level

        The result? You’ll reach your goals, become a better writer, and produce writing you're proud of. This option gives you extra coaching time and extra guidance and feedback.

        • $15

        Adult Author Bookstore Listing

          List your book in the Writer's Haven bookstore!

          • $15

          Children's Bookstore Listing

            List your children's books in our Children's Bookstore!

            • $227

            Divinely Designed Author Showcase

              Share your book with the world!  You just bring your book and your smile! We'll create an intro/outro/live book reading reel for you to use and keep.

              • Free

              Laptops and Lattes

                Join us for monthly networking and conversation! Meet amazing women looking to create community! You'll receive an email with the link to join us after you register!

                • $197

                One-hour Strategy Session

                  Sometimes we simply need another point of view, or a listening ear from someone not so close to the topic!  Let's work it out!

                  • $227

                  Say Yes To Your Book

                    Are you ready to finally write that book you’ve been thinking about? This guide will equip and empower you to finally say YES to your book!

                    • Free

                    Writer's Haven Membership

                      Looking for an inclusive, inviting space where you can write by the ocean, get cozy in front of the fireplace in the library, sit and watch the waves from the sunroom or meet with a client about your next project or collaboration? How about attend free monthly networking and writing skills workshops? You have found your virtual home that feels like real life!

                      Let's Talk About Benefits of our Paid Partnerships

                      • $50/mo
                      • $550/yr (save 8%)

                      Writer's Haven Residency Partner

                        Elevate your brand! Host free monthly events! Enjoy all the perks of residency! Plus, we'll design your custom/branded space for you to meet with clients! Private and personalized!

                        • $100/mo
                        • $1,100/yr (save 8%)

                        Writer's Haven Standard Partner

                          Have a private, custom-designed space to spread out to meet with clients, hold events, host workshops, and have a virtual office space for your team. This offers all the residency benefits and allows you to expand and scale up your business. Even more perks and privileges!

                          • $200/mo
                          • $2,200/yr (save 8%)

                          Writer's Haven Deluxe Partner

                            This is the perfect option when you're ready to spread out and have a space for all your staff, events, activities, and meetings. Customized areas and spaces. Your private world can be password protected. Maximum benefits and privileges!

                            Want to create your own book world?

                            What if I told you it's possible to create an entire "world" for your book(s)!  Would you be interested?

                             Authors can use virtual worlds as a platform to build and visualize the settings of their stories.  Virtual worlds provide a unique platform for hosting book launches and author events. Authors can engage with their readers in immersive settings, conduct book readings, and interact with fans from around the world without the need for physical travel.

                            Upcoming Events!